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Dog ban was unjust

I FEEL I must write to say how nice it was to see a photo of the Minack Theatre in Cornwall (SA, September 21).

My wife and I have visited Cornwall many times over the the past 15 years but, until early September, had never visited this particular site.

When we arrived, a performance was due and we thought that at £5 each, it would be a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Imagine our surprise when we were told, albeit politely, that we were unable to gain access because we had a small dog and it was deemed not practical to allow the dog in with us.

I would like to know what is not practical about a dog sitting at the side or at the feet of its owners who are sitting on stone/grass seating hacked out of the side of a cliff in the great outdoors, when even some of the best hotels allow dogs in.

If it’s for the reason that some dogs are not well behaved, then surely a public notice, reinforced by a polite reminder when someone has a dog, that if the dog misbehaves in any way, then they will be asked to leave immediately with no refund available.

I am sure this very unique site must lose income because of its unfriendly approach to dog owners.

BILL HOLLIDAY, Bedwyn Close, Gorse Hill, Swindon

Thanks to GWH staff

I HAVE recently returned home after a short stay in the Great Western Hospital. There is so much criticism of the NHS it must be demoralising to the wonderful people who looked after me.

I met such caring and professional people who are constantly working so hard against such difficulties yet they remain so caring.

We are so lucky in this country to have the NHS and we should be careful not to abuse this great service.

Thanks to everyone who may read this that made my stay so reassuring when sometimes I was feeling a little vulnerable. May you receive such good care if you ever need it as I had and may the NHS go on to receive more support from people who use it and from polititians financially. Thanks again to everyone who was involved in my care.

FAITH SAMM, Leighton Avenue, Swindon

Why are we all fatter?

IF YOU watch any footage of recent history up until the mid 1980s you will notice one thing. People were much, much skinnier then compared to now.

Watch any football match of the ‘60s or ‘70s and ‘80s. Any footage of rock bands performing live. The men in particular had tiny arms, thin legs and very undeveloped upper bodies. Fast forward to today and practically every person is huge in comparison (including me).

What happened? Was it the spread of fast food restaurants? The creep of fizzy drinks? Growth hormones in meat? Sedentary jobs and lifestyles?

It’s hard to know what to blame but it’s obvious we have all become much fatter than we should be.