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We saw the EU perils

I REALLY must take issue with Steve Thompson (Friday Adver). He is a typical “remoaner” and does not accept the Brexit referendum result.

He continues to peddle the same old rubbish by telling us what we didn’t vote for.

Steve, the question was quite clear: Do we stay in the EU or leave?

The leave vote won. There was no mention of only leaving if we were offered a brilliant deal and were allowed to pay in £billions of UK taxpayers money to keep the EU sweet.

We leavers voted to leave, the sooner the better, just get out regardless of cost, it will actually turn out cheaper to leave now than at some future date.

The EU is totally inflexible, we will not get a decent deal from them, so don’t waste any more time trying to.

Juncker has laid out the direction the EU is heading. Even more free movement of people (don’t forget there are at least a million migrants awaiting settlement now in Europe).

All EU members to be in the Euro club, they will control our tax system.

The UK will have to hand its Armed Forces into Brussels control as a European Army, they hate Russia.

He says they will reduce the number of vetos countries may use. Our annual membership fees will shoot up. Do you really want this, or rather, does this country really want this?

If your “Greens” manage to wreck the negotiations and we stay in the EU, can we have another referendum at the first Treaty change? I thought not.

ALAN SPENCER, Crossways Avenue, Swindon

The people have spoken

IN REPLY to Steve Thompson (Oct 20) where he says that the Green Party is in favour of holding a second EU referendum.

It is a well known tactic of the EU that referendums must be forever repeated until they come up with the the answer the EU wants.

Demanding a second referendum shows that the Green Party does not support democracy.

The people have spoken and they want to leave the EU. The British voters do not want to have to pay £350m every week to get free trade.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Just say no to drugs

I MUST admit to agreeing with Bill Williams and disagreeing with Mark Webb about the term “down and out” used in one of Bill’s letters.

It is a common term and says exactly what it is, someone who is ‘down and out’.

There are many reasons and explanations for this sort of issue and, I must say, a lot of it is self-inflicted.

I believe that lots of people on the streets could have helped themselves if help was initiated at an early stage.

Why are drug sodden people on the streets? Because they never had the courage to say ‘no.’ There is enough publicity to warn people off of drugs but it seems to get worse.

I remember when I was 21, my mates said that they would line up some rum and blacks on the bar to help celebrate my birthday.

I told them that, if they did, they would waste their money, because I wouldn’t make myself ill for their benefit.

Result, a night that I could remember and no way that I made myself look stupid.

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton

Go beyond Nationalism

DURING the 20th century, intelligent citizens explained that Nationalism, here and elsewhere, had caused the slaughter of millions upon millions of good people, who had all believed that it was their duty to kill nationals of other countries. No one benefited very much.

And yet Nationalism is still the most prominent motive of all Brexiteers today, whose major enthusiasm is to refuse to co-operate with any other nations at all, and prefer Isolationism. They cannot learn.

During the 21st century, intelligent citizens explained that we were destroying the planet on which we lived, and that Nationalism was a totally inadequate answer, in order to protect the human race from self-destruction.

If you live in the centre of Birmingham, you are just as much threatened by the spread of the Sahara Desert and the shrinkage of the Amazonian jungle, as any of the people who live there.

Of all the achievements of your own life, the accident of your birth is least to take a pride in, since you did not choose it.

To co-operate loyally with your fellow nationals is honourable, only if it does not produce resentment of foreigners.

But the planet on which we all live knows better than you do, with your prejudice against the planet’s stated truth.

It demands that humans co-operate. Could you use your brain to think beyond and above Nationalism?

CN WESTERMAN, Meadow Rise, Brynna, Mid Glam

Sign of confusion

I RECENTLY visited Swindon Outlet Centre. I usually use the Penzance Drive parking area via Paddington Drive. The bus lane approaching the Outlet is signposted no entry except for buses.

I made the mistake of turning into Penzance Drive from Rodbourne Road which cost me £30. I am sure that in the dim and distant past that was an Outlet car park entrance access.

Checking after I received my penalty charge I did wonder at the different signage at the Rodbourne end being a simple no left turn. Why?

I am sure if these signs were replaced with no entry signs, which are bolder, and the car park sign was situated on the other side of Penzance Drive, there would be far less confusion.

However, that may dry up a cash cow so probably will never happen. Once bitten twice shy.