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More chaos ahead

HERE we go again, we had more than a year of chaos when they worked on Bruce Street bridges and now they are going to start on Mannington roundabout.

Why do they think that will change the traffic problems we have in Rodbourne? We don’t get the car out at the weekends because we can’t get out of the street as it is gridlocked all down Rodbourne Road and Great Western Way.

The traffic lights are never on at Bruce Street bridges, which may help a bit, but altering Mannington roundabout will only make things worse. It’s funny the council can find money for this but can’t find money to grit the roads when it could be dangerous.

MRS TOWNSEND, Redcliffe Street, Rodbourne

What an ugly revamp

LOOKING at the plans for the “revamp” of the Oasis it’s difficult to believe local government, town planners and architects fail to learn from their mistakes.

This is yet another piece of ugly tawdry brutalism, an insult to the traditions of the industrial revolution and which has made Swindon a laughing stock across the country.

The fact this monstrosity costs £120m makes it worse. The council should use the money to hire someone to knock down the equally hideous Brunel Centre and Murray John eyesore and build something tasteful. None of the world’s famous buildings are weighed down by such clumsy attempts at modernism.

S JAMES, Student, Swindon College

Memorial needed

IT WAS sad when we heard of the death of Tony Martin from Zurich.

Tony and his team helped a lot of charities and he gave me great help when I was the chairman of Christmas Care Homeless Charity.

Tony’s name must live on in Swindon for years to come and I will do all I can to get a memorial.

I have contacted David Renard, BBC Wiltshire and BBC Points West and I am in contact with Zurich to ask his family’s permission.

If there is money to be raised the public would help in a big way.

PATSY MOLONEY, Helston Road, Park North, Swindon

Thanks for your care

ON NOVEMBER 13 I was had fall in the square leading to the bus station, but a young lady came to my rescue from the Octagon Café. Then a lady from Trowbridge looked after me. I also want to praise GWH, where I had a lot of tests. Thanks to all.

MRS CROOK, Hillview Road, Stratton

Road is a danger spot

REFERENCE to the article regarding fire engines not being able to get past parked cars. I think Welton Road in Westlea, with cars parked both side by students from Oxford Brooke University is dangerous and very narrow for a fire engine.

A ATKINSON, Westlea, Swindon