Former British decathlete Alex Gibson, who has motor neurone disease, led a team that smashed the Guinness World Record for travelling the Thames fastest in a pedalo and became the first to complete it non-stop.

Travelling through the nights and battling torrential rain after setting off on June 16 from Lechlade, they completed the challenge in 51 hours and 59 seconds and beat their previous record by seven hours.

Alex, who was diagnosed with the degenerative condition four years ago, was joined by ex-England Rugby Union player Andy Long, Alun Thomas and Joe Reed. Last August,they made history by breaking the previous record and travelling distance to Teddington Lock in two days, 15 hours and two minutes.

Challenging MND founder Alex said: “Two major achievements – taking back our Guinness World Record, and also becoming the first team to do it non-stop. No doubt about it, it’s been a tough event to be a part of, but its going to make our record extremely hard to beat. It was incredibly challenging going through the nights and torrential rain in the last few hours, but we kept positive and kept going.

“I hope achieving this really boosts awareness of motor neurone disease - this is at the heart of what we do at Challenging MND. With Global Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Day on the 21st June, I’d like it to send a message to anyone living with MND to say that that despite your diagnosis, you can always do much more and deliver much more than you think you are able to, so go for it!

“Its been fantastic to be part of such a superb team, and all the support we’ve had has been amazing.”

Alex aged 43, started the charity following his own diagnosis and so far he has raised more than £220,000. Throughout his life he has had a huge interest in sport and fitness, representing Great Britain in the decathlon and playing rugby for Barking, Brentwood and Loughborough University.

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