A popular burger restaurant in Trowbridge is being forced to close after being served a notice.

The popular Matty's Burgers on Canal Road in Trowbridge is being forced to close after being served an eviction notice to leave their current location.

It comes just months after they were also forced to close their Melksham brance in April this year. 

Just last year the shop was shortlisted in the British Takeaway Awards.

Owner Matt announced this on their Facebook page on Monday (August 1), and they are expected to close on August 19.

"Devastated doesn't come close, we have had such a great time doing what we do," Matt said in the statement.

"Unfortunately it's just too much cost to open in another suitable premise."

After having been a chef for over 22 years, Matt opened Matty's Burgers three years ago after having always wanted his own place.

During these three years, they've achieved a lot, including two good food awards, being a finalist in the British takeaway awards, and becoming a sponsor to a both the local football club and cricket club. 

Not to mention, the love and support from the local residents.

But Matt is able to look at the positive side of the situation.

"I want to thank all our customers from the bottom of my heart.

"This is also the opportunity to put my life back into some sort of balance and spending more time with my family and getting that holiday after 5 years.

"Anyone who has worked for us as staff or driver I wanna say thank you if it wasn't for everyone's hard work past and present we wouldn't of made it to what it is today."

He ended the message by saying: "From 60 tickets a night to 150, we've had some crazy times, hard times & good times, but I will walk away with some amazing memories and achievements & who knows maybe one day we will come back."

The post was filled with local residents mourning the loss of the eatery, but they were all supportive of Matt's decision to close.

Linda Baggs said: "You will be greatly missed, you worked so hard to make your business a success which you did. Take care and all the best for the future x"

Ben Leighfield said: "That's actually a shame, I really enjoyed getting a takeaway from Mattys, it was actually delicious and the Trowbridge branch served amazing food! Losing a real asset to the takeaway community tbh."