Welcome to the Your Neighbourhood FAQ and problems page. If you have a query which is not dealt with here, please email us.

For our upload guide, please click here. For legal guidelines, please click here.

Can I edit or delete my story?
Yes. When you have added your story, click Preview. If you are unhappy with anything, click Edit Article to go back and make the changes. If you have already sent the story live and then spot a mistake, simply click on List Articles next to the relevant section and then choose Edit next to your story. You can then make your changes and select Preview and Send Article Live again. To delete a story, click on List Articles and click on Delete next to your story. If you do have a problem, email us and we can edit or delete the story for you.

Can I choose when my story drops off the web page?
Towards the bottom left of the upload page, select ‘optional date down’ and choose when you want your story to drop off the website. If you don’t select this, it will automatically drop off after 180 days, although it will still be available by searching the archive.

I do/do not want my name to appear on my story. What do I do?
If you scroll down through the Article Author box and cannot find your name, we need to add you to the list. Please email us and let us know. If you do not want your name to appear, simply leave the box saying ‘Author Unknown’ and no name will appear.

What HTML can I use?
You can use most HTML within the main body of your story. An error message will appear if you have used HTML which the system does not accept, in which case, simply remove it and try to upload the story again.

How can I link from my story to other websites or stories?
The easiest way is to use the Related Links box at the bottom right of the upload screen – simply paste the full website address into the box and where it says ‘Name of link’ add in the words which you want people to be able to click on.
Alternatively, copy and paste the following, replacing the words 'Something' with the FULL website address (ie. you must include http://www):


Note, the second 'Something' is the clickable part of the link and doesn't need to be a web address.

How can I make a live email link to use in my story?
Simply copy and paste the following, changing the first 'Something' to the correct email address and the second 'Something' to what you want the clickable link to say:


What size should my picture be?
When uploading to picture galleries, the browser will automatically resize your picture for you – unless it is enormous! If it’s 1MB or over, you may find you need to shrink it. Please make it 450 pixels wide.
If you are uploading a picture to a story, again, it should size it for you automatically. However, if you upload more than one picture to the same story, you may find your second and third ones sit as thumbnails at the bottom after the text. People can click on them to see them properly – but if they are huge they will take a long time to load. So please, when it comes to stories, for all pictures except the first one, size them to 350 pixels wide.
For more information on resizing pictures, see the next FAQ.

How do I resize pictures?
If you don’t have an application like Photoshop on your computer, there are several free sites online which are easy to use. Try photobucket.com or shrinkpictures.com and follow the instructions. If you get stuck, just give us a shout and we’ll help you out!