Sadly, criminals have targeted the Upper Stratton Baptist Church buildings several times in recent weeks, resulting in serious damage and inconvenience as well as significant costs.

Lead thieves have struck, stealing lead from various areas of the church roof. On 29th February, they stole lead flashings, causing significant damage to roof tiles in the process.

A further attempt to steal lead was made on 19th March, resulting in criminal damage to the front of the church. Police are investigating and reviewing cctv footage.

Whilst the value of the lead itself is measured in hundreds of pounds the overall repair cost for the thefts will be several thousands, due to the damage caused.

Wiltshire Police are investigating the USBC thefts, together with reports of similar thefts from other buildings in the area including Walcot Dome, St. Mary's Church and the Hydrotherapy Pool.

Sadly, the attacks seem to be part of an ongoing problem of repeated thefts across the town and, indeed, the country. Scrap metal prices have soared to record highs, attracting criminals in search of 'easy money'.

The church also suffered an incident of criminal damage on 21st March 2008 (Good Friday), when a group of youths broke a window in the rear hall at about 4.15pm. This incident was especially disappointing as it resulted in fragments of glass covering tables laid out in preparation for our Easter breakfast. Special attention had to be given to cleaning up the glass fragments from carpets as a pre-school group use this hall daily

Following advice from Baptist Union Insurance, SmartWater coding has been applied to the lead. This special liquid provides forensic evidence to link lead that is recovered back to the building from which it was stolen. Signs have been displayed and the church hope this will discourage the thieves from targeting them again, or at least improve the chance they will be caught.

  • Anyone with information regarding these incidents is urged to contact Swindon Police (0845 408 7000) or Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) or USBC office (01793 831535).

  • Lead thefts have continued to occur in the local area - Stratton Police have now issued an appeal for vigilance to local residents. Click HERE to read their appeal in full.

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