Chris Priddy, 24, has been appointed as a Youth and Children's Minister at Upper Stratton Baptist Church (USBC).

Working full-time from September, Chris will be active in the Baptist church, local schools and the wider community. Chris will be living locally, with his wife Rosie (a Children's Nurse) and their tabby cat, Maisy.

The congregation at USBC decided to appoint Chris following a successful experience with Wayne Hackman, who worked for the church for several years. Wayne later moved to Devon where he now works.

Chris is currently studying for a Youth Work and Ministry degree with Oasis Trust whilst working as a youth specialist at a church in Hayes. He will be ordained in early September, just before taking up the full time role in Upper Stratton. Originally from Reading, he has previously worked in Croydon, doing schools and youth work and in Sheffield, where he worked in a drug rehabilitation centre.

A more detailed biography is available on the church's website at, together with a wide range of information about the work of this local Baptist church