After a hectic summer, Back to School can bring some much needed respite and routine to family life. However, getting organised in one area of life, can bring the other neglected areas into sharp focus. If you’re in need of a bit of a tidy, organise and declutter, or you simply need to cheer yourself up with a bit of (free) retail therapy, then these free apps, websites and good ideas could be just up your street…

1. Declutter your home with help from Snupps Free

Whether you’re a clothes hoarder with unworn garments scattered around your room or your kitchen cupboards are full of mismatched crockery, Snupps helps you keep track of all the stuff you have lying around. The app works by allowing you to take photos of your possessions and upload them to the app onto virtual “shelves.” You can also share your photos with users who can give you advice on what items to sell or donate, and how to organise and declutter.

2. Get your home in order using BrightNest Free

The BrightNest app gives you tips and advice on how to save money when decorating a room, to creating recipe lists and more. This service also helps you maintain your home by sending reminders about what needs to get done, like changing air filters or checking the smoke alarms. For those looking to completely overhaul their life, BrightNest is definitely worth the download.

3. Give your wardrobe a makeover with Vinted Free

Vinted app users can sell, buy and swap clothes. The app is easy to use - simply take a few pictures of the item, post the images and write a description. Along with the sell, buy and swap elements to the app, users can also build their own fashion feed by following brands and other users, giving the app a real community feel.

4. Get second-hand steals on Trove Marketplace Free

Trove Marketplace is an app that makes buying, selling and discovering secondhand furniture and home decor easy. It's not just the simplicity of Trove that makes it such a good app, but also the sense of community. You can ask other Trove users for advice on decor ideas or to help you decide which item would best suit your vision. This app is also perfect for selling any quirky hand-me-downs that might not fit with your current scheme but that you want to go to a good home.

5. Sell your unwanted items to Zapper Free

Could you be accused of hoarding items you no longer need? If so, Zapper could be the solution. Available online as well as in an app, Zapper buys the items you no longer use – from games, Lego and even gift cards. Simply send them your items for free in return for cash. So dig out the games the kids no longer play with and all those unwanted Christmas presents and make space while making some extra cash.

6. Sell the lot at a car boot sale – see Car Boot Junction Cheap

It may be a bit old school, but there’s a reason the classic car boot sale has stood the test of time! If you have a variety of items you want to sell and do not have time to sell them all individually on different sites/apps then this might be the best option for you.

7. Have a clothes swap with friends Free

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so why not invite some friends round for a clothes swap? Chances are that something you don’t like would look perfect on them, and you can get a new wardrobe without splashing the cash.

8. Make it a game Free

Why not make decluttering fun by taking the 12-12-12 Challenge? All you have to do is select 36 random items of clutter then choose 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to keep. It can be a really fun challenge that you can do with the whole family.

9. Get cash for your old mobile using Envirofone Free

Trade your ‘spare’ mobiles for cash. All you have to do is enter the model of your handset to see if you could be quids in. Envirofone even accepts damaged phones for cash, so if you have a cracked screen or broken phone it’s still worth sending it in for a quote to see how much you could get.

10. Read a book for free with Read it Swap it Free

Read it Swap it helps people trade their finished books for a new one - completely free of charge. A simple, fun and communal idea, avid readers could save hundreds of pounds - and it’ll stop those book shelves from overflowing.