NEW from Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball has just launched a new range of handcrafted wall coverings, with rich decorative patterns based on traditional botanical themes. Through skilled freehand design and colours with a stunning depth of colour, Farrow & Ball create wallpapers that will stand the test of time and still retain their beauty for many years to come. Skilled craftsmen using the traditional roller block printing methods have produced three new designs – Atacama, Megemone and Helleboras – all with a heritage pedigree that suit very 21st century tastes.

Inspired by a swatch of fabric found nestled in an old fabric mill, Farrow and Ball has created a tropical print committed to escapism. The Atacama range is a journey of the senses. Travelling overseas to the arid deserts of South America, the intricate design evokes the prickly cacti, intricate flora and a blossoming of hundreds of flowers. From nothing, a proliferation of curvaceous shape and movement. The Atacama range is available in seven shades, the deep Stiffkey Blue with flashes of silver through to the beautifully understated Purbeck Stone and Ammonite, reflecting the simple, elegance of Scandinavian greys. Team with crushed velvet curtains, crumpled thick linens, weathered woods and decadent furs to create a complementary texture with rich indulgence.

Created with the greek goddess of fruit and flowers in mind, Megemone offers a rich abundance of flowers, like blossom on a warm spring day. Trails of falling freehand flowers and leaves swirl in a fresh breeze creating movement and energy in a life enhancing pattern that brings walls to life. The paper is available in a rich red, with pink aspects and a charcoal coloured base, two with a delicated pastel blue and green base, right through to neutral tones, in a palette of pale creams and greys. Team the cascade of flowers with colours you’d find in nature and organic shapes with sculptural house plants and seasonal blooms. Juxtapose the abundance of soft flowers against furniture that is brutally Scandinavian and utilitarian.

The Helleborus collection has been drawn with an unrestrained hand to create a fabulously fluid depiction of the Hellebore flower. Each of the petals has been created with motion in mind, giving the impression that each of the flowers is unfurling on the wall. The theme is very much one of growth and rejuvenation, warmth and retreat. Once again, the colour ways start with the subtlest pastel shades, through to a bold teal and rich marigold shade that are sure to make a statement. Team eclectic slightly mismatched furniture with hygge textures including tactile zingy velvets to complement and contrast the bold colours.

Most wallpapers are made with ink. However, Farrow and Ball use their own richly pigmented paint and traditional block and trough printing methods to give a uniquely tactile finish, creating a seamless connection between paint and paper. The same delicate hues that create swirling flowers and botanicals are available to complement the whole range – and every room. Pick a secondary colour from the wallpaper to create complementary painted walls and architraving. Blend the scheme through any surface – window sills, floorboards and radiators. Farrow & Ball technology ensures that their paint matches every conceivable surface. Designed to work in every room, the hard-working range has been created to enhance wood, metal, walls and floors, in a range of finishes, to give the best covering and durability possible.

Founded in Dorset in 1946, the company has always had a commitment to create rich colours, using unique recipes with only the best ingredients, to create a depth of colour that is second to none. However, one thing has changed in the 60 years since inception – and that is the fact that oil based paints have been phased out in favour of eco-friendly water based finishes with low VOC (volatile organic compounds). Farrow & Ball make paint and paper that is as kind as possible to the environment to create rooms that are beautiful, while protecting the environment.

The new range of handcrafted wallpapers, made using the Farrow & Ball paint range, is now available to order samples and order online at