Could trains, or pigs or even a Victorian engineer’s top hat be appearing all around Swindon, as hares have done so successfully in Cirencester?

They might if two councillors have their way.

Coun Claire Ellis, a Conservative, and Coun Jim Robbins from the Labour party have got together to put forward a motion to Swindon Borough Council.

They want the authority to look seriously at creating a sculpture trail, similar to Cirencester’s very successful Hare trail or Bristol’s Wallace and Gromit trail.

Coun Ellis said: “About five or six years ago, I was suggesting we had one with a steam train with a car on the back, symbolising where we’ve come from and where we are now. The idea was to try and attract people to the town.

“It didn’t get much traction, but then I met up with Jim Robbins. He wanted to do something for Brighter Futures. And that would be brilliant.

Coun Ellis said the idea would be for plain sculptures to be decorated or designed by artists, schools, groups and companies.

She added: “We could have them through the town, a trail at Coate Water, and through the parks, at the railway station.

“It would allow people in Swindon to get together over this, to go to other places in the town. - something for us all to get involved in.”

Coun Robbins said: "I'd been thinking about something similar and it wasn't really going anywhere. I knew Claire wanted to do something and she's leaving the council, so we thought, let's just make this happen."

While the motion can't commit the borough council to spending money, it asks for a report to be brought back to council looking at the feasibility.

Coun Robbins said: "I'm hopeful that we'll get it through council - the Labour group is happy for me to propose it, the Conservatives are happy for Claire to second it, so with both groups voting for the motion, I think it should get through.

"If it goes well, then I think it could be ready for the summer, which would be the ideal time for it."

If the motion is approved, then both councillors want the community to get behind the idea and get involved.

Coun Robbins said: "We're looking for ideas about what the sculpture might be. We really would want people to put those ideas forward, and where to put them and get involved.

"This could be something really good for Swindon, not only bringing people to the town, but something for them all to get behind and support and be involved with."

Cat Newman, Associate Director of Fundraising at Great Western Hospital said: "Brighter Futures are delighted to have been chosen as the charity for this really exciting sculpture trail project in Swindon. The project will create a lot of interest in our town and in turn support the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the biggest healthcare providers in the South West with around 2.5 million patient contacts a year.”

What do the councillors , and others, among Swindon's leading lights think might make a suitably Swindonian sculpture?

Coun Ellis said: "I do like the idea of a steam train with a mini or Honda on the back. But I'm open to other people having other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Coun Robbins didn't express his own opinion, but said: "People on my Facebook have suggested trains, of course, pigs because of the swine in the name of Swindon, even something like Isambard Kingdom Brunel's hat.

"There are suggestions of a crocodile, based on the stuffed one in the art gallery and museum, something a lot of the town's children are very familiar with."

Mayor of Swindon Junab Ali said: "Having thought about it, I like either a swan, which is on the crest of Swindon and comes from our position by the Thames, or a locomotive for obvious reasons."

What do you think we should have as a Swindonian sculpture?