THE changed roles of women over the last century is explored through sculpture, film and 2D artworks in Hard Hat, Hi Heels and Her, the latest exhibition to showcase at Trowbridge's Town Hall Arts.

Artists Jenna Fox and Nichola Rodgers' works look at the interaction of women to others, and to objects within the home and industry.

Jenna Fox explores how the objects in our homes define us, and how the roles and relationships of women in the home have changed. Using domestic objects and ornaments, she creates work that takes a whimsical look at the home as self.

Nichola Rodgers employs an untraditional approach to painting in her investigations of relationships between nature and culture, with an emphasis on the stereotypes of women within landscape and the workplace.

She said: "I wanted to do this show for a few reasons, one being I don’t feel there are enough women-only shows about women, and because I also don’t think that the maturer female emerging artists are taken seriously enough. I also love working with Jenna""

Jenna Fox commented: "It's amazing how much has changed for women since the vote 100 years ago. At times the work is serious, other pieces are tongue-in-cheek, from the brutal to the kitsch, from the stripped bare to the embellished. The show is made, curated and hopefully celebrated by women.

"We are delighted to have our show hosted at Town Hall Arts. The building is a wonderful listed building with beautiful architectural features. The gallery is a fabulous space with the upper roof joists exposed and excellent lighting for our work. But, more importantly it is part of the community and encourages folk to engage with art and interact. As practicing artists we couldn't ask for more than that."

There is an opportunity to join the artists on Thursday, March 14 when they will be in conversation with Town Hall Arts’ curator Katie Ackrill from 6.30pm. The event is free, book ahead to secure your space at 01225 774306.

Entry to the exhibition, which runs until April 6, is also free, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm, Saturdays, 10am-2pm.