IT might be the Xtra Factor or The Hungover Games you know him from but this year Matt Richardson will be showing his face in Swindon.

The town made a big impression on the comedian which is why he picked it to be apart of his limited tour.

Matt told the Adver: “The first time I toured was in 2017 and Swindon was one of the best, it’s absolutely brilliant, the people are brilliant they were so up for it last time so I’m excited to have that experience again.

“For this tour there’s 19 dates which is quite small but my last one was 65 and this time I just wanted to pick dates across three months and pick my favourite places.

"The previous tour was fun but it’s a lot of driving, a lot of talking and sitting by yourself, it can be quite lonely."

The multi award-winning comedian's new nationwide tour Imposter will be starting in February.

Imposter tells the story of Matt's adventures in showbiz and television.

Possibly including his appearances on ITV's The Stand Up Sketch Show, Celebrity Juice and Love Island: Aftersun.

But it's mostly about feeling like an imposter as an adult.

He said: "It’s called Imposter because I’m almost 30 and I’m still trying to cope and we’re all trying to get through life. All adults feel like their pretending and I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing."

Matt starting doing stand up comedy 10 years ago after dropping out of university at Oxford Brookes University.

During those 10 years he spent four of them doing radio.

He said: "I was always a massive fan of stand up I used to see lots of people and then I just started doing it myself.

"Then I dropped out of uni to do comedy because I always wanted to do it and I just thought why not.

"I started doing stand up to see if I was any good, I just did gigs where ever I could because I wanted to see if I could do it. Even if it didn’t go well I’d still be happy with myself because I gave it a go.

"Then I was approached by Virgin Radio and asked to do a show for them and I did and then they offered me a permanent job. I did that for four years and it was lovely, it's the closest thing I had to a full-time job, it was nice to have security for a moment."

But he decided to leave his job as a radio presenter to focus on comedy, despite its security he undoubtedly has a passion for stand up.

And even though he's getting his name out there, he still finds that he's needing to pinch himself in disbelief because of the people he ends up working with.

Matt told the Adver: "I did a gig in Chippenham with Zoe Lyons a while back and I was so star struck it's strange going from that point of admiring them to working with them.

"I've always looked up to Ross Noble, Michael Macintyre and Jimmy Carr, it's fantastic to be able to say that I get to work with them."

But if he had any advice for comedians, he said: "You’ve just got to keep going as hard as you can just got to commit to it like anything else just look at how many gigs there are, go to them and try it out."

He also has a generous heart as he works alongside the National Autism Society.

His brother Alex was diagnosed with autism and he wanted to help where he could.

Matt said: "It’s really nice to support them, I don’t have it so sometimes I feel like it's not my story to tell, but I get to do it with my brother which is good and it gives me some points for the heaven’s gates."

To book tickets to see the Imposter tour visit the Wyvern Theatre's website.