A LARGE cast provided a very entertaining evening at the Arts Centre in Old Town, Swindon, with Sailor Beware! an engaging comedy set in the 1950s, directed by Gill Brain. The popular play is by Philip King and Falkland Cary.

Daniel Robins plays Albert Tufnell, ashore to wed Shirley Hornett (played by Abigail Perkins). He and prospective best man Carnoustie (Joey Stevens) become involved in all the preparations for the big day.

Lily Dunkley plays the assertive mother of the bride, aiming to organise everything - even the home for the newly-wed couple. The bride's dad, played by Vern Dunkley, has scant time for anything but his ferrets.

Marlene Poole, as the bride's elderly aunt who harbours "a great sorrow", is brilliant. Jean Belt is pleasant neighbour Mrs Lack. Sue Whiteley is Daphne, the lone bridesmaid after the other gets measles. And a calming influence is provided by the vicar, played by Mark Harris.

Warm applause reflected wide enjoyment of the production, which benefited from a well-arranged set and good costumes. Songs of the period added atmosphere.

The production continues until Saturday, February 1.

Stella Taylor