HE can dance, he can jive, Graziano Di Prima is having the time of his life.

The Strictly Come Dancing star has been moving his body to music since he was five.

Now he’s gearing up to go on tour across the country with his fiancée Giada Lini and they're stopping in Swindon on March 20.

The Havana Nights UK tour is a dream come true for the Italian dancer.

He told the Adver: “I’m so grateful for this opportunity I’ve found a way to pursue my passion in life it’s going to be a lot of fun.

“It’s my own first tour but have done other tours with other people, I’m just so happy for this opportunity.”

Graziano was born in Riesi, Sicily, and rose to fame after appearing on Strictly in 2018.

His love for dancing started in the living room of his parents’ house two decades ago.

“I was really into football like the other kids but then one day music was playing on my TV. I started jumping around and dancing, my mum thought it was really weird but she could see I really loved it,” he said.

“She decided to put me into a dance school and I just fell in love with dancing from then. My mum Giovanna realised I was crazy about it and would let me dance whenever I could.

“I knew it was the key to my life I couldn’t imagine doing anything else instead, I’m very lucky.”

Having his name in bright lights didn’t come easy because dancing wasn’t considered normal for a boy in the town.

Graziano said: “I was put into the best school in my town but when I started there boys would notice and would laugh at me.

"They said I danced like a woman especially as I had long hair, but now they’re the first ones to talk to me when I go back to Italy.”

In fact he’s a familiar name around the world after appearing in season 16 of of the show when he and partner Vick Hope made it to 12th place out of 15.

They pulled off strong performances to Jive to Feel It Still, Take a Chance on Me, and Havana.

Now Graziano and Giada are set to entrance audiences in theatres across the UK with Havana Nights.

He said: “The name came from my performance on Strictly to Havana and being in the moonlight on the stage. It’s a great song because you can do so many dances to it.

“We didn’t know that that number would have a reaction from the audience like it did, but it was massive, I was so happy.

“Every show 10,000 people would be waiting for us and the partners were unbelievable, I had to learn choreography we had so much fun," he said.

"And the group of dancers for the tour are just as amazing.

“In a way Strictly opened a new world for me hopefully I will be able to tell my story in the tour through my dancing and it will be good.”

Working alongside the couple is a whole group of dancers to bring a mix of Latin dances to life.

But of course the pair will also do individual dances together.

And eventually when things calm down after the tour the engaged couple will head back to Italy to get married in Graziano’s home town.

He told the Adver: “When I was young I hated my town I wanted to run away to dance but now that I’m away I miss it all and of course miss my family.

“I’m going to marry my wife in my town, I have travelled around the world but I want to marry her in my town.

"After meeting her my whole life changed completely for the better.”

Havana Nights will be in Swindon on March 20 at the Wyvern Theatre.

For tickets and more information visit the website at swindontheatres.co.uk