TWO former Strictly Come Dancing stars will be waltzing onto the stage at the Wyvern Theatre next month.

Vincent Simone and Ian Waite have announced they are going on tour as a duo for the second time.

“Ian and I did a tour last year it was such a big success we’re doing another one and we’re really proud of it," Vincent told the Adver.

The professional dancer, who comes from Italy, was on the BBC One show from 2006 until 2012.

Over the years he danced with the professional dancer Flavia Cacace, actress Dani Harmer and Eastenders star Natalie Cassidy.

Ian has danced with the model and photographer Penny Lancaster, volleyball player Martine Wright and actress Michelle Williams.

The pair first toured together last year as part of their The Ballroom Boys duo. Now they’re back for act two.

Vincent said: “It’s a great time for everyone, we just love to make people happy.

“Ian and myself have been trying for years in the West End and so when we got a call for Strictly and asked if we were interested in trying it out, I loved the idea, this was something I’d never done before.”

He has been dancing since he was a young boy but almost didn’t go down that route as a career.

He explained: “Dancing is quite big over there in Italy the weather helps a lot it gets people dancing outdoor. When I was eight-years-old my parents asked me if I wanted to learn ballroom dancing.

I had said no in the beginning but my cousin said he was going and there will be plenty of girls and that’s how it all started.

“Dance chose me I’m very blessed I just love the expression of music, it’s amazing.

“Going on strictly changed my life," he said. " Before I could go into a club and it would take me maybe five minutes to get to my table. But now it can take up to an hour because people are wanting to speak to me.”

The star also appeared in Midnight Tango a show based in a bar in Argentina and woven around their Tango performances.

He told the Adver: “Dancing is huge now it can be one of most popular programmes out there. A lot of people are wanting to learn to dance and it becomes more interesting when celebrities are involved.

“People who don’t have any idea about dancing watch these shows and they end up loving it.”

He said: “It’s everything put together, people can enjoy beautiful dancing, choreography and participation with the audience.”

During the tour Ian and Vincent will be joined by two female professional dancers and a vocalist.

They both worked hard together to pick the right songs, choreographing dances and writing scripts.

On the night there will be dancing and singing and the performance will be spiced up it up by switching dancing styles from the waltz to the foxtrot.

A limited number of VIP tickets are available for fans to take part in a pre-show meet and greet to get an autograph and a photo.

“Touring is a great way for people to meet me and Ian. People who come along will get to enjoy the Strictly experience but in real life, it’s just an amazing experience that everyone can enjoy,” Vincent said.

The four -month Ballroom Boys tour starts on March 19 with a preview show in Worcester and arrives in Swindon on April 11 at the Wyvern Theatre. The show is billed as an evening of old-fashioned variety - dance, comedy and song.

Tickets prices range from £28 to £59.50. Visit or call the box office on 01793 524 481 to book.