SWINDON town centre has often been talked down and criticised by members of the community as being run down, a 'ghost town' and in need of urgent reinvigoration. 

This is certainly the opinion of TikTok user MC who visited the town and recorded a video, saying that, in their opinion, there was 'no excuse' for what they saw. 

Many members of the public have come out in agreement with MC's observations, but others have provided an argument against them - mainly stating that the main shopping area is not as bad as people regularly make it out to be. 

Ian Mark Hawkins said: "I was born and bred in Swindon, where I lived for nearly 60 years.

"At one time it was a thriving town, beginning with the railways, and other companies came to the town in time. Back in the early 80s it was the biggest expanding town in Europe! But slowly it became worse and worse.

"My last few years there made me realise that I didn't like Swindon anymore! My wife and I made the decision to move because of how bad the place was becoming so 4 years ago we decided to move to the Isle of Wight. We have now been there for 3 years now, and have no regrets at all!"

Mark Flitton said: "The town centre is an absolute disgrace. Unbelievable how it ever got to this state. What has happened to our town?

"It used to be thriving and vibrant. It needs rethinking and fast before it is all turned into residential properties and we lose it forever."

Elspeth Hughes said: "We moved here some 35 years ago from Scotland with children and hubby looking for work.

"We chose Swindon as it was described as the fastest-growing town in Europe.

"Since then it's slowly declined to the condition it is now in."

Jane Gourley said: "Swindon has some lovely areas and some lovely people; the town centre is a dirty, disgraceful dump!"

Jon Hoaksey said: "I'd agree. Everything that closes is being replaced with housing, the cost of which has never been higher.

"Yet as the population grows, maintenance of the town and activities to do here continue to dwindle."

But fellow content creator John From Bath referenced his own video he'd made of a visit to Swindon, which he was significantly more positive about.

He said: "My first impressions of Swindon are that I actually feel a lot more safe than I thought I would. 

"I'm quite enjoying myself, it's one of those working places."

He added: "I thought Swindon town centre was great."

Judith Hill added: "He visited a very limited small area, focusing on run-down areas, not a true image of Swindon as a town at all. He published a very biased film. "

David Michael Jones said: "It's worth pointing out that the same problems that are hitting Swindon town centre are affecting every other town centre in the county, and that actually Swindon town centre isn't as bad as people say it is. 

"I've been to the town centre many times and have had a good time shopping and walking around."

Orson Carryl said: "Plenty of people would move to Swindon from London if the train fares to commute were cheaper…Swindon has some of the most affordable properties in the country and has a lot to offer."

The newly appointed leader of Swindon Borough Jim Robbins also reacted to the video.

He said: “I’ve seen it. Hard to argue with some of it, although I’m much more positive about what we can do.

“Demonstrates the job that the new administration has in front of it to build some pride and belief in the town.”