THE NEWS that a popular Italian Restaurant in Swindon is set to reopen - albeit with a new twist - has been met positively by many in Swindon.

The current economic climate has seen many of the town's eateries close, including Funky Grilla, Dough&Co Pizza and La Carbonara on Kingshill, with the latter perhaps drawing the largest amount of dismay from townsfolk when its owners announced the sudden closure in December last year.

It was placed up for sale in January, but months later in July, owners Lino and Sue Goncalves surprised everyone by announcing they were going to reopen the restaurant bringing their popular cooking back to the area.

Here's how members of the public reacted to our news story of this development when it was posted onto the Swindon Advertiser Facebook page.

Ciao Eatalia said: "All the best for the reopening, keep high the Italian flag and the Italian cousin authenticity."

Whs Karen said: "So pleased to hear this. I loved this restaurant and came here many times over the years when it was open.

"Owners were always so lovely and welcoming so I’m sure they’ll make a great job of whatever they decide to do."

Bruno Francescantonio said: "Good news, Nino and Su I am looking forward to the amazing dishes and service you aways provided."

Paul Saunders said: "So chuffed you guys are back, you are dearly loved by the whole community, well done."

Kate Joseph said: "Looking forward to visiting again! Bring back the lobster ravioli please."

Keith Cleverley said: "Finally some positive news for Swindon, I reckon you're going to be very busy! Welcome back.

Jade Bennett said: "Best news ever. I loved it there. Best carbonara in town and best Italian feeling restaurant

Stuart Cox said: "Always busy and have to book ahead, always had a lovely meal there and staff so friendly, if anything I hope that they can maybe address the parking issue.

"Best of luck and welcome back."

Sam Kemp said: "What a result. My god have we had some nights in here. Including the one where I couldn’t walk."

Andrew Lee: "Drove past this morning and thought such a shame, so great news."

Chris Notthatone Brown said: "Seen them painting the front today. New start."

Mia Wheeler said: "Absolutely wonderful news."

Glenys Cox-Stokes said: "Great news, welcome back. Love your fabulous food.

Len Bigz Whyte said: "Great news, lovely food and lovely staff are 100 per cent!"

Not everyone was overjoyed by the reopening announcement though, with some going against the grain with their own opinions.

Sarah Byrne said: "Wasn’t that great when I ate there. I wasn’t surprised it shut."

Simon Higgs said: "Great be just as easy to but a pot noodle than go to a restaurant to have it on a plate."

Eleanor Bird said: "No, as a resident, I was more than happy to hear of the closure.

"They use our street as the overflow parking noisy when they leave very unfair on residents."

Sue Goncalves said she was overwhelmed by the support she'd received from members of the public following the announcement.

She said: "We made the announcement just to plant the seed that we're coming back.

"We don't want to give too much away about our plans yet and there are a lot of things we still need to work out but we've been overwhelmed by the response.

"It has brought tears to our eyes."