A Swindon fish and chip shop has received a zero food hygiene rating - and also failed to impress an Adver reporter who tried the food for himself. 

Food hygiene officers visited the Cricklade Road Mr Cod on June 23 (not the one going by the same name in Old Town) and found some major failings.

The takeaway was told it needed major improvement on hygienic food handling, including the preparation and cooking of food and urgent improvement in cleanliness and management of food safety. 

Our reporter described it as ‘the worst takeaway’ they had ever had. 

Adver readers have reacted to the story in many ways. Some agreed with our reporter’s assessment of the takeaway, while others defended it by saying they’d never had an issue there. 

Here’s what the people of Swindon had to say: 

Adam Foresti: "Yes Mr Cod is awful!”

Malinda Johnson: “Mr Cod has been horrible since they opened.”

Steve Parsons: “The people who had it before, the food was lovely, so just shows how much it must have gone downhill.”

Stuart Hughes: “Anything tastes good when Hank Marving.”

Swindon Advertiser: Adver reporter Ed Burnett at Mr Cod in Cricklade RoadAdver reporter Ed Burnett at Mr Cod in Cricklade Road (Image: Newsquest)

Dean Daps Draper: “After a few ciders it’s delicious.”

John Barratt: “I love their fish and chips.”

Paul Tarry: “Always been good when we’ve used them.”

Chris Matthews: “Never had a bad fish and chips from Mr Cod. No stomach problems afterwards either.”

Darren Willey: “Mr Cod is a must after a night out! You can’t be expecting fine dining from a cheap takeaway, its fit for purpose if you don’t fancy a curry.”

Kaycie Chilcott: “I can personally on experience state that the quality of the food and the service at Mr Cod is exceptional.

“I haven’t been a customer for some time but I will add that the establishment is not just a fish and chip shop. 

“It is a place where local residents meet, share a meal, share a conversation with a passer by and make the environment a place to be comfortable with family while reminiscing and sharing the history of the town.

Dawn Morgan: “I have used it several times nothing wrong with the food and staff are nice.

“Oh well as they say you can’t please everyone.”

Martin Ripley: “The food hygiene rating has NOTHING to do with the qualify of the food, it is about processes and records.

“A zero rated establishment could turn out Michelin quality food and vice versa.”

Shenay O’Flynn: “I wish I had never listened to people saying it was amazing.”

Sammy Bryant: “If you want amazing fish and chips only one option in Swindon and that is Philips in Gorse Hill 10/10 top quality always fresh and 5* hygiene and great priced also.

“The fish and chips are out of this world as well as anything else ordered, you will have to go to Cirencester to find anything as good as Philips fish and chips.”

James Fozzy Mitchell: “Should have gone to Monica’s fish bar. Solid 8.5/10.”

Juanita Fernandes has been the manager of Mr Cod for seven months and explained the reason for the restaurant’s damning report.

“The boiler was broken and there was no hot water but now we have fixed it and applied for another inspection.”

“We are expecting them to come back and we hope to get a previous rating of four back.”