One of Swindon town centre's biggest stores, Marks & Spencer, is set to close following an announcement from the company.

The Brunel Shopping Centre store has been a mainstay of the area for some time but has been steadily decline with one shopper describing it as being 'held together by selotape'.

Now the company has begun a consultation period after telling its employees of the impending closure, and confirmed it intends to invest in the store at North Swindon's Orbital Shopping Centre instead.

But for locals, this has served as another major blow to the prospects of Swindon's town centre, following the closures of Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Debenhams, and House of Fraser.

Swindon Advertiser readers have shared this sentiment and have questioned what it means for the town's main retail hub going forward.

Sophie Sharps said: "Feel so sad for the staff. It’s awful having your store close. Nothing will be left in our town."

Christine Pienaar said: "Shocking, town centre used to be a great place to shop and meet people. Nothing left now, what a shame."

Marcus Jerome: "Maybe Primark will take it over will be bigger than there store. Tesco will be more busy now."

Debbi A. Smithson said: "Yes our town centre is awful and I do feel the previous administration had a massive hand in that but for shops to stay people need to shop in there.

"A shop wouldn't close if it's making a profit and if people don't go there then it isn't sustainable.

"Perhaps the residents of Swindon should make sure they shop in the remaining shops to ensure they stay and make a profit."

Sue Gee said: "That was so predictable. They've been running stock down for a while. Big store, big overheads and not enough foot traffic."

Danusia Stooke said: "It was the only thing left to go into town for. So won’t be going to town anymore now."

Chris Lakis: "If they are to close the town store, which would be a real shame, they should consider downsizing or opening a food only hall or alternatively a cafe alongside the Outlet Village store!"

Becky Poole said: "So with Sainsburys gone and now M&S where can people who can't drive get their food? Ridiculous. Shows how awful town centre has become."

Leanna Sian said: "This town is a sorry state of affairs. We use to have one of the best places for shopping.

"We have lost Debenhams, BHS, House of Fraser, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridges, Sainsbury's, River Island, Body Shop, Argos and that is just what I can think of without trying ..

"The only shops holding town together are Boots Primark.

"Let alone all the pubs and clubs that have shut down its unreal. Unless you bring back all the shops and pubs an clubs this town will continue to fall apart.

Martin Newman said: "I'll miss the food court but not the rest of the shop.

"Apparently the food has subsidised the rest of the business for a long time now and walking through the Swindon store it was clear why.

"There’s now very little choice when it comes to grocery shopping in town, I miss the Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s both has good choice, the Tesco’s isn’t up to much at all."

Melly Solly said: "Was in there today having coffee this is really awful news."

Hannah Cole said: Bloody hell just shut the whole town centre I reckon. Nothing left!

"Unless you want a cheap card shop, phone shop or Greggs.

"Why is so much money being wasted on the entrance to town and bus station…. NOBODY wants to use the town centre anymore."