NOW that both of the two Swindon Wilko stores have closed their doors following the company being plunged into administration attention is turning towards what the two empty buildings left behind could be used for.

The Greenbridge store closed on September 19 and the town centre store followed on September 21, leaving behind a sizable unit in the Stratton shopping destination and on The Parade in the town centre.

We asked our readers what they might like to see in the place of these closed retail stores and there were a number of interesting responses and suggestions.

Here are a selection of the best ones.

June Beveridge said: "Could be Poundland, as they have bought some of Wilko’s store, also The Range have bought out Wilko’s name."

Mark Grant said: "An outreach centre and coffee and food shop for the homeless people of Swindon."

Atiff Ghafar said: "More luxury apartments and a second-hand Lego outlet store

Diana Lusty said: "What about a fishing and tackle shop. That's different."

Shannon Holloway said: "Disney store!"

Catherine Youens said: "Either keep it open or have Disney store or Debenhams back."

Anita Shafiq-sivaraman said: "Something decent that will actually bring people into town. Bring back a Disney Store, or a Lego shop."

Gemma Sears said: "There are 2 many cafes, restaurants & pubs in town that need more decent shops or soft play."

Adam Hunt said: "I am really going to hope for flats, as quite frankly we all know it's going to be flats, anyway."

Lily O'Brien said: "An extension of the hub for the community. Proper play area for the children and something nice for adults too. Something that will attract people in something for everyone they can do."

Sudheer Aluvak said: "Anything but a Coffee Shop. Wilko was actually good. They shouldn't close. Procook store can do. Or a Tefal."

Rachel Habgood said: "Coffee shop, gym, barbers, vape shop don't think we have enough of all the above."

Miriam Edwards said: "We need a massive multi-floor Primark instead of the small one we have now."

Tom Kershaw said: "Just stick another Greggs or McDonald's in it. It's big enough to fit the units that roam Swindon."

Cordelia Marie Maynard said: "Some kind of cheaper/affordable shop but not another Poundshop!

"Would've said Home Bargains or B&M but both close by... potentially Better Bargains or a budget clothes shop (seeing as Primark has actually got quite expensive now for the essential things!)"

Karen Pickles said: "Definitely need a nice high-end shop where we can browse luxury perfumes and makeup...we only have Boots and that's gone downhill..most town ventures have a John Lewis or a House of Frasier."

Kassie Wells said: "A shop with animals in or a huge soft play area for adults and kids, bowling alley, Costco, Aldi, or a clothing shop."

Shannon Deacon said: "Disney shop needs to make a comeback! Lego store is a brilliant idea or something like a Hobbcraft/ Neon Sheep/Yankee store."

Peter Wabbitt said: "A Hall of Mirrors would be an excellent addition to the town centre. There's so much misery here.

"It would be lovely to see all those wobbly and distorted reflections. Bring back some fun and gaiety to the town."

Getty Goi Hner said: "Let’s be honest, which decent retailer would want to be in our town centre? There will be a time when the council will be forced to invest in refurbishment otherwise will become a ghost town.

"Just charity and betting shops aren’t cutting it I am afraid.

Simon Watts said: "Keep it empty, so it blends in with the rest of the town centre."