It has been a few days since the Swindon town centre Marks and Spencer closed its doors to the public for good.

The popular store had been located inside the Brunel Shopping Centre and off Regent Street for years, but closed on October 28, putting an end to an 112-year-old presence in the town's main shopping area

Its closure was part of a major shake-up, with 67 stores set to close within five years.

The firm said that this plan will pool resources to hopefully create fewer but better main stores.

But for those already lamenting the perceived demise of the town centre, the departure of one of its mainstays has served as a body blow, while others simply see it as a sign of the times.

Many of Swindon Advertiser's readers have reacted to the store's closure, and below are some of the best responses we received.

Alan Corner said: "Online shopping seals another fate!

"But in all honesty, stores such as M&S or Debenham, House of Fraser, were very expensive to shop...high building Tax & Insurance costs were passed on to the customers...sad...but true."

Delyth Simmonds said: "So sad that we are being forced more and more to shop on line and not getting out of our homes .

"Also not everyone can get over to the Orbital to shop in M and S .

"It’s not a particularly big store so maybe they will expand into the empty shop adjacent.

"Swindon Centre is not somewhere I want to shop anymore .

"Bath is the only nearest decent place but also sad that Debenhams closed leaving another empty large store."

Sammy Browne said: "I worked there when I was 17 whilst doing my A-levels. I sent them a hand written letter (as was done in the old days.)

"I told them in my letter that I was interested in joining the retail trade...when in fact I was waiting to apply to be a nurse..but nevertheless, it was an awesome Saturday job!

"Discounted out-of-state food, 4 weeks pay for Christmas bonus & 4 weeks profit shares every year! "£3.96 per hour was bad for a 17 year old 33years ago!!!"

Peter Melsom said: "As well as a fantastic food & clothes shop it was also a handy loo stop - with all the public toilets now closed, I don’t know where one can go if suddenly caught short - it’s probably the final nail in the coffin of Swindon’s town centre as a retail hub."

Hayley Southgate said: "I was posted to Wiltshire when I first joined the WRAF & remember the first time I ever shopped in Swindon in 1984.

"I thought what a great shopping centre. I was especially excited to see they had a branch of Chelsea Girl back then."

Dick Liberty said: "Darned shame! They closed Falmouth's store as well. That was an essential community amenity because all the townfolk walked and gathered there. I think the company has a "duty of care" to the public."

John Dawson said: "What happens to the disabled and people who do not have transport. You are discriminating people who cannot go any further than the town centre. Swindon has gone like a ghost town. It needs investment in it."

Linda Sadler said: "Soon there will be no shops at all so very sad as I went too these shops back in the day.

"I got my first knitting machine and clothes at marks Spencer’s and food feel sorry for the people who will be out of work especially when we’re going through hard times it’s not fair on them."

Artemis Richardson said: I moved to Swindon in 2019, and the decline in the town in the last 4 years is so sad. So I can only imagine how long time residents must feel, I’ve looked at old photos of Swindon town centre and it looked a lovely bustling town.

"Mind you my home town In Canterbury Kent isn’t much better, I went back to visit relatives not long ago, and that’s gone the same way. Everything is closing, unless it’s a vape shop or £1 shop."