FIREWORKS have been a tradition in the UK since seemingly forever and Swindon was certainly no exception this year with a number of displays for people to visit throughout the town.

Popular displays like Lydiard Park, the Polo Ground and Swindon Cricket Club returned as well as a number of other smaller displays.

On top of this, several members of the public purchased their own fireworks and put on their own displays from the comfort of their own homes.

But more and more recently this has been the subject of fierce debate, often dividing communities.

Some feel that fireworks shouldn't be sold to members of the public at all, while others feel they are a harmless bit of fun.

Meanwhile pet owners often talk with dread about Bonfire night and the impending stress it will bring them and feel that fireworks should be noiseless.

But what does the general Swindon public think about them? We asked our readers on Facebook if they should be banned from public sale and here are some of the best responses.

Tim Lane said: "No. They are already very well regulated here. I've got some to set off on my garden tomorrow."

Jardine Jones said: "Yes. Think they should just be at organised events only. Last year neighbour set them off & they landed in our garden & on our cars.

"Also very upsetting for pets."

Alexandra Flowerday said: "Loud fireworks yes.

"Allow loud public displays, I get why people enjoy them and they can be so beautiful!

"However silent fireworks for public sale so that we can protect those that suffer due to the noise."

Sue Wooster said: "No way it’s traditional leave our traditions alone."

Kevin Goacher said: "Honest follow up question....why? Why should they be banned? Because they're dangerous? Ban all alcohol, cigarette, chocolate, sugar, bleach, candles.

"If we are banning things that can harm people, let's also ban cars, flights, electricity, gas.

"Anything can be used in a harmful or dangerous manner, doesn't mean it should get banned from those you can manage to act in a safe and mature way."

Bob Legg said: "No and they won’t be. It’s just a question to get the people to respond.

"It’s a traditional event for family and friends to enjoy.

"Interesting to seeing the responses.

"The majority get on with their lives and enjoy Bonfire nights."

Hayley Morse said: "Can't we compromise and just ban the bangers as they do make low noise fireworks"

Jenny James said: "Yes they should be banned for good. And with teenagers getting hold they do not know how use them.

"So ban them for good my dog and cats hate fireworks any other pets hates fireworks so please get them banned."

Claire Toner said: "Nope! They've been happening for years so why stop now? Just because a few people are snowflakes and don't want others having fun...

Nick Nobby Clark said: "Been around for 100s of years why all the fuss now ? Let me guess ? That will be the snowflake society we live in now ! Just get on with it like we have done for years !

Wendy Clymo said: "Yes i think they are a pointless waste of money, we are constantly told people have no money and hungry,so why would you waste money on fireworks or displays."

Rob Thomas said: "All you old gits saying say sort your life. Out so was OK for you lot to have fun as kids with fireworks but now your all old and past it wanna stop other kids doing the same. Grow up