APPARENTLY a lot of people in Swindon are getting static shocks when they go shopping in the West Swindon B&M Bargains.

One Purton-based mother, Emma Dodson, spoke to the paper about her experience of shopping at the Bridgemead store and said it’s something she’s experienced for the last few years when moving around inside.

She described how the shocks can be ‘harsh’ and ‘pretty strong’ sometimes and even said that her toddler now has to stay home when she goes shopping there because the electric shocks had left him hating it there.

The Swindon Adver story on this garnered a huge reaction, but what did the people of Swindon have to say? Did this news come as a shock to them? Or is it something they were already currently familiar with?

We’ve included some of the best responses on our social media page below.

Anika Clair said: “Ohhh I get that all the time in there.

“I’ve got into the habit of taking off one shoe and putting my bare foot on the floor to “earth” myself when I stop to look at something at random intervals.

“I thought it was just me being extra static-y.”

Michelle Coleman said: “It alway happens to me in Trowbridge and Chippenham B&M”

Emma Wallwork said: “[I get shocked] all the time.

“I’ve complained before and they said there’s nothing they can do.”

Fay Smith said: “Yep, when I lived in Swindon I’d get them all the time.

“Used to make the kids laugh but made me swear.”

Martha EP said: “I’m sure it’s the trolleys”

Riley Manning said: “Never in B&M. it’s Primark that’s the worst.”

Nicola Lewis said: “Weird as I do remember getting a ton of electric shocks from the trolleys in that store but didn’t think much else to it.”

Shellie Hutchings said “Omg glad it wasn’t just me then. Yep happened to me loads of times!”

Beckie Curtis said: “My two kids won’t go in a trolley here for this reason now haha there traumatised every time I say it’s not going to happen.”

Blaine Whitlock said: “This makes me want to visit just to see this for my self.”

Clare Cadle said: “Always get electric shocks when I go into this shop that’s why I never push the trolley.”

Kerrie Astin said: “Haha me and my 3 year old son got shocked so much last time we went in there, we found it hilarious.”

Machala Jayne Pearce said: “I always get static shocks in their and many other shops while pushing my partner in his wheelchair.

“So long as I keep 1 finger on the metal part of the chair I get extremely painful shocks with whatever I touch including my partner.

“It’s obviously to do with static build up off the flooring.”

Annemarie Tuppy Carey said : “Oh my god! I thought it was just me.

“I put my jumper sleeves over my hands! And brace myself.”

Charlotte Gould said: “It’s always done it there. An uncomfortable shopping experience, along with the shock at the till when I see how much I’ve spent.”

Rachael Dawson said: “Yep my daughter’s hair used to stand up when riding the trolley!”

Zoe Fennell said: “This has been going on for years and I also get it in Ikea. Always been told it’s something to do with the flooring.”

Carol Pollock said: “I always get zapped too.. I’ll have to stop wearing nylon knickers!”

Laura Reynolds said: “Get them all the time in there have done since it’s been there.”

Kenny Sarg Rycott said: It’s not a shock if you’re expecting it.”