Noel Coward famously said that it’s extraordinary how potent cheap music is, so imagine just how intoxicating free music must be.

And let’s face it, the vast majority of music being promoted in this town is free.

Although Mr Coward is famous for banging on about insane canines, pale patriotic types and their total lack of regard for tropical sunstroke, on this occasion he may very well have a point.

And no band sums this up better than Grubby Jack, who play a free gig in the top bar of The Victoria tonight. This frantic three-piece mix up the folk traditions of the Celtic fringe with rootsy Americana plus the odd eastern vibe permeating through, and are guaranteed to make you want to bounce about with reckless abandon.

The Beehive plays host to psych pop royalty as Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor (ex-Soft Boys/Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians) take their now familiar spot as the rhythm section in Anton Barbeau’s Three Minute Tease. If songwriters such as Julian Cope, Andy Partridge or even George Harrison and Syd Barrett tickle your musical fancy then check these guys out.

Staying at the Beehive on Friday and something a bit different. Mixing up rock, funk, drum and bass and even a dash of dubstep wobble will be the wonderfully named Koma Kolour and The Lady of The Loop.

The latest band to make a break for fame and fortune are When Words Fail. This will be the last local gig for a while for the melodic hardcore quintet before they head stateside to record their debut album. Beyond The Break and the ever-popular TBC join them. Get along to Riffs Bar and give them a good send would be rude not to.

At the Rolleston, Panic will be paying tribute to alternative anthemic rock classics from a highly original selection of songs by artists such as REM, Coldplay, U2, Bowie and Joy Division.

If you still have a hankering to indulge in 1980s music, then Saturday brings you your chance. Throw on your MC Hammer pants, shoulder pads, leg warmers and fingerless gloves (though probably not all at once!) and head up to The Victoria where Syntronix and DJ Dust will be recreating the sounds of that decade. I still play my records from that era but somehow I think my requests for Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Diesel Park West may fall on deaf ears…(oh, go and Google them.) If you keep this strictly between us I will let you into a secret. There is a gig on at The 12 Bar on Saturday. Yes, you heard. It comes in the shape of the welcome return of Below The Fall and their trademark heavy alt-rock, that somehow combines a shoegaze vibe whilst kicking out sub metal riffs; interesting to say the least. Support comes from Firestate and Hands Down. Remember, you didn’t hear it from me. Shhhh!

One for the younger element comes in the guise of X-Factor winner Matt Cardle who is at the Oasis supported by the rocked up folky pop of Roxanne Emery.

Covers again at The Rolleston, this time from the mysteriously-named AKA and a selection of songs from bands as diverse as Oasis and Kings Of Leon.

The Sunday afternoon session at The Beehive falls to Sons Of The Delta who have been lauded with high praise by their peers for the fact that they don’t play the blues, they feel it, and seem to be channelling the spirit of Elmore James as they do so.

That evening at The Rolleston, Acoustic Junkies will be offering up a choice and original set of songs from not only REM, Coldplay, U2, Bowie and Joy Division, but such acts as Oasis and Kings Of Leon as well. Variety is indeed the spice of life!

Also that evening Pignose will be paying a visit to The Roaring Donkey to fill the air with their Old Town Blues; a heady blend of delta melancholy, dust bowl country, raucous rock and roll and gospel vibes.

As per usual our last visit of the week finds us at Baker Street for some cool jazz courtesy of the Nick Malcolm Quartet.