Around 250 young people will be leaping on and off a London bus in this year's Swindon Youth Project, as it is based on the film musical Summer Holiday.

As a taster, on Saturday, May 6 the Wyvern Theatre will be screening the 1963 film starring Cliff Richard and Lauri Peters. The film is age rated: U and begins at 7pm.

The Summer Youth Project gives aspiring actors, singers, dancers and backstage crew the experience of working for a professional production. In just two weeks the performers, aged from nine to 21 years, pull together a full scale musical under the guiding hand of a team of professionals; director, choreographer, musical director, musicians and the tech team.

Summer Holiday tells the story of four London bus mechanics who strike up a deal with London Transport to transform a double-decker bus into a holiday caravan and journey through Europe.

Tickets to see the film are: £5 from 01793 524481 or