AN INTENSE 10-week boxing programme will culminate in a spectacular show at Meca on Saturday.

The Road To Glory white-collar boxing programme is designed for beginner boxers aged 18 to 55.

It aims to give them the chance to try a new hobby, improve their fitness and raise money for charity.

Participants are currently on week nine and are preparing to give it their all during the last week of training.

Coach Jason O’Grady, who has been involved in the sport for more than 30 years, said: “We are right near the end now and everyone has done really well to get this far.

“It’s been a tough nine weeks, but now they are fit and strong enough to fight.”

The programme covers fitness, boxing ability, nutrition and mental focus.

For the big show on Saturday night, more than 30 contenders will be split into two teams and face off individually against opponents in three two-minute rounds.

“Some do it just for themselves, for personal goals and some do it to raise money for charity,” said Jason.

“We have seen a massive change in people over the course of the programme.

“People have dropped between one and two stone in weight.”

The red team have been training at Swindon Martial Arts at the Groundwell Business Park, and the blue team have been honing their skills at Scrappers Gym.

Some boxers have managed to raise up to £1,000 for their chosen charity.

Organisers are expecting to see between 700 and 1,000 people attend the big finale on Saturday, and Jason is certainly looking forward to it.

“I think it’ll be a fantastic event,” he said. “It will be great for the boxers to be able to show off everything they have learnt over the course of 10 weeks.”

There are still about 100 tickets left. Call 01793 251111.