A STAR Wars-inspired artist will host a new exhibition at Old Town gallery Oink.

Nottinghamshire-born David Hardy is bringing his pop art portraits, which include women wearing Storm Trooper helmets and iconic band t-shirts, to the Victoria Road gallery.

A former winner of the Lloyd’s Art Group’s People’s Choice award for his painting of Jimi Hendrix, David has also drawn inspiration from a brief period of homelessness.

He was helped by charities Street Souls and St Mungos – and is now working again as a full-time London artist.

The new Star Wars-themed exhibition comes as film lovers packed the Greenbridge Empire cinema on Wednesday for a midnight screening of the latest blockbuster from the franchise.

For those who prefer painting to X Wing fighters there will be an opportunity to meet artist David Hardy at his exhibition opening at Oink Gallery tonight, 6.30pm-9.30pm.

For more, visit: www.oinkgallery.co.uk.