FOR many children running away to the circus is a dream that will never come true. But a dozen children got a taste of the big top life at a special circus skills workshop on Sunday.

The youngsters, aged between six and 12, tried their hand at juggling, hula hoop and acrobatics.

They learned from professional acrobat Darine Flanagan and juggler Jacob Hi-Ho at Lower Shaw Farm. It was the latest in a string of circus sessions from the pair.

Jacob said of the two-hour session: “It’s an introduction to circus skills.

“I think it’s really good for kids to do something physical that’s non-competitive. Don’t get me wrong, I love competitive sports. But I definitely think there’s time in kids’ lives for non-competitive activities where the kids can develop a passion.”

Jacob was born on Lower Shaw Farm and his parents still run the cultural centre, which offers cookery classes, craft breaks and yoga courses.

He said he had been doing circus “all his life” – performing his high wire antics and juggling around the UK.

“Circus skills have made me who I am,” he said. “If I can give that to the next generation that’s great.”

Mum-of-two Adriana Mattos, 45, from Shaw, said that her girls had been looking forward to the circus session.

“When they had a show here at Lower Shaw Farm they were amazing,” she said. “My girls loved it.”