WRITERS wishing to brush up their skills when it comes to creating convincing characters are welcome to join a writing workshop with author Richard Skinner, director of the fiction programme at Faber Academy.

The workshop, at the Richard Jefferies Museum, Marlborough Road, in Swindon, takes place on Saturday, from 2pm to 5pm. It is designed to help writers of any level turn their characters into living, breathing citizens.

For many writers, character is the holy grail, and Richard will explore what character is and how the writing on paper becomes a character who walks, talks and acts in the world.

Called Character from all Angles, the workshop will involve looking at the various ways the whole notion of character can be approached using action, existential situation, observation and description.

Expect to meet like-minded people and to do lots of fun, stimulating writing exercises.

Richard Skinner is the author of The Red Dancer, which was translated into seven languages. He writes essays, non fiction and life writing, as well as poetry. He has published a collection of poetry, called the light user scheme, and a writer’s handbook, called Fiction Writing.

A translation of The Velvet Gentleman was shortlisted in France for the Prix Livres & Musiques. In 2014, he founded Vanguard Editions and has edited and published a number of books.

Character from all Angles costs £25. Go to www.richardjefferies.org