Nostalgia is quickly becoming one of the strongest elements of popular culture as we all long for the things that were around during our childhoods, and I'll wager that there's no single piece of nostalgia as relentless and as cheesily fun as Total 90s

The tribute show that celebrates a whole decade headed to the Wyvern Theatre last week and provided the perfect tonic and adrenaline to help with blowing off those post-lockdown cobwebs, bouyed by a very up-for-it crowd. 

There was screaming, dancing, clapping and singing-along as ten very talented performers whizzed through as many different popular 90s acts and iconic numbers as they possibly could within the two hours they were given. 

It really was non-stop with one band or singer after another with the likes of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Will Smith, MC Hammer and Take That flying by as soon as they arrive, with a ridiculous amont of costume changes.

Whilst the performers are all undeniably talented, they weren't 100% at recreating every act they attempt with some of the tributes defintiely stronger than others, but the fun party-like atmosphere and a show that leans into the cheesiness of the whole thing makes it forgivable. 

I hesitate to say that things like Total 90s are just what the world needs rigt now, because that wouldn't strictly be true, but if you want to forget about everything else that's going on and relive a childhood spent in bedrooms singing into a hairbrush then you can't go wrong with this show.