Kevin Clifton was one of the more popular professionals on Strictly Come Dancing, but he shocked his fans when he announced he had quit the show and was going on tour with dance group Burn The Floor.

That was until the coronavirus pandemic caused a UK national lockdown and shut all the theatres postponing the show's tour for two whole years, but after it finally hit the Wyvern Theatre stage earlier this week was it worth the wait? 

Well, you never truly know what to expect with a show centred around one Strictly Come Dancing dancer, the show works because of its mixture of celebrities and dancers (who in turn have become celebrities themselves) but when you take someone out of that environment you do wonder how they will capture the audience's attention for two hours. 

In Kevin Clifton's case we shouldn't have worried as the talented dancer was backed up by an extremely talented dance group that he highlighted had been responsible for providing many of the Strictly professionals the public now know and love. 

But, Clifton is also an undeniably talented all-round performer.

It's weird that when we know someone purely as a dancer we don't expect them to be able to sing, or act, and while it was certainly a surprise when he started belting Bohemian Rhapsody early on in the show, he quickly confirmed that he had a great voice, and why wouldn't he?  

Swindon Advertiser: Photo: Burn The Floor trailerPhoto: Burn The Floor trailer

He also acted as a compere in between dance segments, talking to the audience, introducing the dancers themselves, the live band and the two incredible singers that would be providing the musical backdrop to the dances and competently telling jokes.

He exudes this humble charm and childish giddiness that made him come across really well on a show that was essentially centred around him and showing him off, and the audience loved everything he did. 

But not to be outdone, the Burn The Floor dance troupe that surrounded him were simply exceptional and even Kevin would be honest and say, sometimes outclassed him when it came to dancing in the many excellently choreographed routines. 

There were dizzying spins, electrifying lifts serene comtempoary performances, an excellent three-dance Latin contained story and each individual dancer was given a moment to shine. As Kevin pointed out, we could very well see them on our television screens in the future. 

The atmosphere in the Wyvern was fantastic with the theatre almost full to the brim of people paying to see ballroom and Latin dances on stage, something that prior to Strictly perhaps wouldn't have happened. 

But when the rise in popularity of dancing leads to performers as talented as Kevin Clifton and the Burn The Floor dance group getting an audience they deserve after two years of being sidelined it's clearly all for the best!