One of the many benefits of living in Swindon is how easy it is to visit the capital for a day out, and I was recently lucky enough to head to London to try out one of the city's latest attractions Mamma Mia The Party. 

Located in the 02 Arena, Mamma Mia The Party is an immersive musical theatre experience bringing the famous songs of Abba to life around you and also comes with a four-course meal focusing on Greek cuisine. 

For this, the 02 Arena's former nightclub has been transformed into a, quite frankly, awesome looking greek taverna set on an the idyllic greek island of Skopelos that the Mamma Mia films were filmed on. 

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We meet the owners of the taverna and various characters that work and go there as they act out their own story using the beloved songs of the famous four-piece around you - all while you wine and dine. 

The story, written by Sandi Toksvig brings us to the island after the films have been shot there. The taverna's greek owner and british wife are bickering over his refusal to accept the burdgeoning replationship between his daughter and her nephew ahead of the venue's 'Abba performance'.

There are some nice touches and surprises along the way as well, particularly with the water fountain in the middle of everything, which delivers a lot of different things. 

I was invited to go, along with my wife, mum and grandma and I have to say that the whole thing was flawless and we all had an amazing time. 

The venue was completely immersive with it even being temperature controlled to 25 degrees to truly make it feel like Greece. The performers were perfect, both in singing the classic songs, and in interacting with people, and the waiting staff for the food were attentive and efficient. 

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The food itself was also delicious, starting with bread, hummus, olives and tzatziki, followed by a traditional greek salad, a fantastic main course of beef and lamb and a lemon cake for dessert. 

The whole thing had an exceptionally fun atmosphere with people dancing, conversing, and, of course, drinking while the show happened around them. 

But, and this will be a big 'but' for a lot of people, the whole experience comes with a hefty price tag, with the minimum price of a ticket still falling at over £100 and the most expensive one coming in at £180. 

That means that for the four of us we would've been forking out well over £700 for the priveledge, and that's before you start talking about souvenirs from the merchandise stand, or drinks from the bar. 

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It's clear then, that Mamma Mia The Party is positioning itself as a premium experience and the level of detail they've got for with the venue, the quality of the food and the professionalism of the performers and staff certainly live up to that. 

When it had finished I wasn't left with the feeling like I didn't get my money's worth from the event and when you break down what you get compared to going to another London show and a dinner somewhere else it doesn't took too bad. 

But sadly there'll be many people who, in a rich man's world, won't even be able to consider going because of the price, which is a shame because a good time awaits for those that can.