It's only right that the legendary Bruce Forsyth gets a shout-out in Anton Du Beke and Giovanni Pernice's stage show Him and Me.

The Strictly Come Dancing pair's song-and-dance spectacular - recently at the Wyvern Theatre - is every bit a homage to the man who helmed the early years of the hit BBC show as it is a celebration of Anton and Giovanni themselves. 

It had everything from classic showbiz costumes, tuxedos and tails, a nostalgic multi-dance segment set during the war, self-deprecating humour, slapstick, to a little bit of sincerity and good old-fashioned entertainment. 

Giovanni had just come off an incredible season of the show, winning the Glitterball trophy with deaf dancer Rose Ayling-Ellis, while Du Beke cemented himself as a fan-favourite judge.

But both were in fine form in Swindon going out of their comfort zone. 

They were both more than willing to wink at the audience by portraying almost parodies of themselves, with Anton's age and Giovanni's sex appeal and charming arrogance coming up multiple times - especially during the audience interaction moments. 

The musical numbers themselves were immaculately performed by the group of dancers that accompanied them and of course the pair themselves. They might have always been that good, but given it was the last show of this particular tour, it felt like everyone wanted to go out with a bang. 

Because of this, the comic silliness between Anton and Giovanni also felt looser and unpromoted - like all bets were off because it was the last show. I don't know if this was actually the case every night but either way, it certainly added to the entertainment. 

Highlights included Anton dancing with a cardboard cut-out of Anne Widdicombe, an extremely beautifully sung Italian version of Never Enough from The Greatest Showman accompanied by an excellent contemporary dance and the rousing finale that got everyone in the audience up on their feet. 

Ballroom dancing used to be a staple of British entertainment and nights out, just as characters like Bruce Forsyth used to be staples of the type of family-friendly, wholesome showbusiness that was on our televisions. 

Strictly Come Dancing may have brought both back into the modern zeitgeist in a big way, but it's nice to see two of its biggest stars using their platform to remind everyone that the things of the past were great for a reason - and can still be great now.