The ICONIC Great British Bake Off music rang out through the Wyvern Theatre as Prue Leith came to Swindon for her first-ever solo show. 

The music, just like the now iconic British baking show, is warm, comforting, and pleasant and that's exactly what kind of evening the Swindon audience was treated to as 83-year-old Bake Off judge Prue Leith talked about her life. 

But, despite the whole thing being a nice intimate, and understated conversation there were some salacious revelations and controversial moments as members of the audience were able to put their questions to Prue. 

She opened the show in the first half with a run-through of her journey to becoming a Bake Off judge, from moving to the UK from South Africa, starting her own catering business, and then launching her own restaurant and cookery school. 

The first thing she said was 'I suspect some of you won't know anything about me other than I eat a lot of cake', and this was certainly something that applied to me. So I found it fascinating to hear how she worked her way to success and hearing about how incredibly successful she was. 

Swindon Advertiser: Prue Leith answering questions from the audience at Swindon's Wyvern TheatrePrue Leith answering questions from the audience at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre (Image: Newsquest)

It's worth adding that at the age she is, this was her ever first solo tour and it's clear that commanding a stage on her own for a decent chunk of time isn't something that she's used to, but the story of her life is so interesting that it works anyway. 

But the renowned foodie was much more at home in the second half when she had someone on stage with her to bounce off of. 

This was Clive Tulloh, managing director of Burning Bright productions, who had collected a bunch of questions submitted by members of the audience. Everything was on the table, from Bake Off behind-the-scenes questions, her unique style and fashion, and geriatric love. 

But perhaps the most interesting story was Prue answering a question where she admitted she was inadvertently dragged to an orgy by a friend. While she claims she didn't partake in any activity herself, she said she did have to take her clothes off to avoid people staring. 

Another fun moment was Prue discussing her 'current' husband and sharing with the crowd that he was there in the audience that night, but was thrown out by Wyvern Theatre staff for being on his iPad. 

This was a shame because he missed a good evening listening to a very impressive woman. Although I expect he may have seen it before!