My colleague smells

ONE of the guys in my office really smells. I don’t mean sweaty like after a gym session, I’m talking so bad you can almost taste it.

I suspect he hasn’t washed properly in ages and, judging by the fact he wears the same clothes nearly all the time, they don’t see soap very often either.

When I mentioned it to my manager she said there was nothing she could do. He has worked here for ages yet, as far as I can tell, nobody in the office wants to talk to him about it. But I’m fairly new and don’t want to lose my job. What do I do? - DL

Fiona says: I agree, it shouldn’t fall to you but nor should you, or anyone else, have to work in such an environment.

If your boss is not prepared to act, is there a departmental head or personnel department you can approach? If not, you could consider approaching your union representative if there is one.

Hopefully, someone will have the necessary skill set to deal with the issue discreetly and sensitively.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I can only see two choices for you: Accept it, or say something to this man yourself.

His daughter’s in the way

I HAVE been seeing a married man for the past two years.

We enjoy each other’s company and I am hopeful that he will eventually leave his wife.

My problem is his daughter, who seems to take up more and more of his time. She’s 24 and last Friday he cancelled on me at the last minute, saying his daughter was feeling down in the dumps and, to cheer her up, they were going out to dinner. I really resent it. What can I do? - PP

Fiona says: This man clearly cares very much about his daughter and seemingly doesn’t want your affair to jeopardise his family life.

I’m sorry if this seems harsh, but that is typically what happens with affairs; of necessity, they are secretive and deceitful.

The anger and resentment you are feeling suggest to me you are not entirely happy about this. Perhaps it’s time you met new, unmarried friends?