Looking to save some pennies? Try this tasty sardine dish, which costs £3.99 (based on four servings).

12 cleaned butterfly sardines

half a ball of mozzarella

4 tablespoons of pesto

1 egg

2 cups of polenta or bread crumbs

Remove any large bones from the fish and give the fish a quick rinse before you stuff them.

Slice the mozzarella into small rectangular slices and place one on the one side of the fish.

Spread some pesto on the other side of the fish and then fold the fish. Dip in a beaten egg and then dip and cover with the polenta or breadcrumbs. Shake off any excess and then shallow fry in some oil for around two minutes each side.

Remove from from the pan and leave to drain on some kitchen towel.

Serve with a delicious rocket, tomato and balsamic salad.