Tommy Scott, lead singer and guitarist with the reunited Liverpudlian band, Space, has always had a grand passion for Hammer horror, Tarantino and Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, and this is apparent in the dark underbelly of his songs on the new album.

The current line-up of Space will be performing in Swindon next week, as part of their UK tour, promoting the aptly named single, Strange World, out now. They also have a new album due for release in the spring.

Space had a huge hit with their second single in 1995. It was written by Tommy and called Female of the Species. It stayed in the top 40 of the UK charts for three months.

The eerie, almost sinister feel to the song has a cinemagraphic feel, not unlike the first Leone western, A Fist Full of Dollars. Tommy says it is a reflection of what is inside his mind when he is writing.

"I love horror, mystery and all that robot against the people type stories so I write my own films in my songs,'' he said.

The singer was slated for being sexist when he wrote The Female of The Species. He says he was really upset that people had totally misunderstood the concept behind the song.

"The song was actually about the Bride of Frankenstein and how she was so much stronger than the male monster that had been created by a man. It is about the power of women. I love strong women and the music of all-female groups such as Poison Girls,'' said Tommy.

The track was chosen to appear on the soundtrack of the first Austen Powers movie and became the theme tune to the TV series Cold Feet.

Despite his fascination with films, Tommy has not written any music for film soundtracks yet.

"I haven't been asked,'' he said. "But I love what I am doing, it's great being back with the band.''

Space split up in 2004 with the band members creating their own musical projects, but in 2009, drummer Andy Parle died and it was at his funeral that the guys met up again and Space was reborn.

Today's line up consists of Tommy, and the other original member of Space, Franny Griffiths on keyboards, Phil Hartley on double bass and Allan Jones on drums.

Space will be making their first visit to The Vic, in Old Town, Swindon, on Wednesday, October 21, performing some new songs from the forthcoming album, also named Strange World, and some of their old hits such as Neighbourhood, Avenging Angels and The Ballad of Tom Jones.

Working with Welsh super star, Tom Jones, was both an exciting and a daunting experience for Tommy.

"He was a lovely fella, he just came in and sang with that amazing voice, and I felt unable to do him justice. I told him I was singing with one of my all-time heroes and he actually included that quote in his autobiography,'' said Tommy.

Last year the band released the quirky-titled album, Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab, proving that Tommy's love of B movies, The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Quatermass, is still very much alive and kicking inside his brain.

"Th idea came from small back street kebab shops trying to survive against the big stores, so the kebab mutates in fury and attacks the High Street stores,'' he said.

Space have toured all over the world but Tommy says that America was the biggest culture shock.

"Before I joined the band I had not been further afield than North Wales,'' he said.

And America is up there when it comes to Tommy's tour bus tales.

"When we were in the US we picked up a load of transvestites who came up in the tour bus, and they were really fun. It was cool.''

Space and some special guests will play from 8pm at The Vic in Victoria |Road on Wednesday, October 21 and tickets are £14 in advance and £15 on the door from 01793 535713 - Flicky Harrison