A MUSICIAN from Old Town has based the music video for his debut single on one of the strangest local news stories of the year.

Theo Altieri, aka Chaney, read about police looking for a man who looked like former Oasis star Noel Gallagher licking windows and drinking White Lightning cider in the town centre in October.

Inspiration struck and the 20-year-old songwriter and producer enlisted the help of his friend Jordan O’Sullivan to make a music video which recreates the incident.

The video for his first single Let U Know follows Chaney as he goes about his day while being stalked by the window-licking miscreant, played by Jordan.

Chaney visits the County Ground, the Magic Roundabout and Dotty’s cafe during the course of the video.

Chaney said: “I remember seeing the story and everyone was laughing about it.

“Jordan is a die-hard Oasis fan and people assumed it was him anyway when they read about it, so when I suggested recreating it for the video, he laughed and said ‘I’m in’.

“We shot it all in one day and used anti-bacterial wipes to give the windows a bit of a clean before Jordan licked them.

“NME premiered the video, which was great, and it’s had a brilliant reaction.

“People have said it’s hilarious, which is what we wanted, though I imagine that watching it without the context of the news story would be more of a shock than a laugh.”

The song will be one of four released on his first EP Save Swindon via Skint Records on January 12.

Chaney has been a musician since he started playing the drums at the age of seven in his brother’s band, then playing gigs around town as a singer-songwriter with a guitar before finally moving onto the next step of his musical journey.

He added: “I always had an interest in producing music and when I was 14 I bought production software and started playing around with different types of music.

“Then my manager introduced me to Primal Scream’s Screamadelica and hearing that crossover between Britpop and rave culture helped me come into my own and start developing my own sound.

“I come from a musical background so for me, getting on stage and playing to the crowd is the best feeling, and hearing them react to your music makes you want to keep going.

“Ideally, I’d like to grow a solid fanbase locally then start expanding it.”

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