SWINDON guitar heroes making waves in the music business will play a homecoming gig.

The April concert at Old Town venue The Victoria will be the final night of Swindon band YVES’s 11-date UK tour. It is the first headline tour for the three-piece band, who met in their early teens playing in Swindon.

Singer Harry Roke, 21, said of The Victoria show: “It’s going to be crazy. We did one last July and it was our first sell-out show we’d ever done. We had to turn people away.

“We’re just looking forward to getting out and play to as many people as we can.

“It’s looking like the tour’s going to go well. It’s our first ever UK headline tour. There’s a little bit of pressure there for it to go well and for us to build on this one.

“Our shows are just a big party. We try and put on as much of a show as we can.”

Indie rockers YVES burst on to the UK music scene last year, with music website Fred Perry Subculture listing them on their “Big in 2017” list.

Songs like Only One and When the Day Comes have won them a strong following online – and over a million music streams on app Spotify.

Harry and drummer Finn Wilkinson grew up in Blunsdon, while bassist Mitchell Dodson hails from Old Town.

Growing up in Swindon’s teenage bands scene, the group had known each other for a while – but only began playing together officially in 2016.

Harry said: “Me and Mitch were in a band and we were always playing shows on the same bill as Finn. We played a few times as a three-piece and it felt right.”

Their tour, which begins in Hoxton, London, on March 9, will follow the release of their latest single.

Hell from Your Hello is released this Friday, produced by Lana Del Ray and The Vaccines collaborator Lee Slater. Harry describes its theme as: “When you meet somebody and you just know they’re going to break your heart.”

While the boys are looking forward to playing major cities like Glasgow, Manchester and London, Swindon remains where their hearts are. “We’re still in Swindon,” said Harry. “We love it.”

YVES play The Victoria on Friday, April 13 from 8pm. Tickets are £6. For more, visit: www.musicglue.com/yvesband