Unlike their namesake, the Sphynx cat with no hair, the electro pop trio from Austin Texas, have a surfeit of head banging tresses to whip back and forth.

The musicians got together in 2011 and have since built up a strong following. They notched up support slots with names like Imagine Dragons, Spoon and Walk The Moon and during their hometown gig at the City Hall the mayor, Lee Leffingwell, proclaimed it was Sphynx Day in Austin.

The glam rockers are held up as being the millennials answer to Queen. They have recorded two EPs called Floppy Disco and Space Camp and a debut psychedelic pop album called Golden Garden.

The band are also a huge draw at festivals but tomorrow they are jetting in to Swindon to perform at The Beehive, Prospect Hill, Old Town, from 8pm for a free gig. For more details call 01793 523187 or visit http://bee-hive.co.uk/- Flicky Harrison