As far as relocations go, rock musician, Ryan Webb, and his manager/wife, Sonya, have a taken the plunge leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital for the rural delights of Wiltshire.

In moving to Swindon in mid-October the Webb’s have borne witness to somewhat of a little culture shock as Ryan rolls along on the back of his debut album released earlier this year.

Stop the World is a nine-track offering which provides a complete differentiation to his earlier, self-title, EP, proof even to himself of his abilities not only to be a musician, but also a producer.

The EP itself was created amidst strange foundations in late 2015, Ryan said: “I was headhunted by some people and they showed a lot of interest after ‘hearing one of my songs’ – they came over from America, this bloke and his fiancée, we hired a cottage in the country, and that’s when they started changing things with my music.

“All of a sudden my sound went from rock to pop, they added jingles and things along with a few other bits happening behind the scenes.

“It all meant that we had no choice but to part ways.

“Yes, it is sad the way things transpired, but it does mean that we’re more careful now.”

Using the self-titled EP as an introduction to himself as a more solo musician it raised numerous realisations, primarily financially, and more within the London Boroughs.

In a round about way those early mistakes and hefty financial outlays led Ryan, with support from Sonya, to producing and mixing his own music, purchasing equipment and becoming self-taught.

The two main singles, Journey (from the EP) and Lucky Ones (the album) were mastered by Peter Maher who’s worked with The Rolling Stones, Paul Weller and The Killers.

It was the success of the former which would, in turn, lead to the creating of both the latter, and the album.

“It took three to four months of solid work to get the album down and it really is very different to my EP,” admits Ryan.

“There’s more of a rockier sound to it which becomes a lot cooler when I’m performing the tracks live.

“It was my first time doing things on my own though, and not just a single, an album no less, and it got a lot of support from fellow musicians including Red Light Revival and District 13, acts who I’m looking to do some bits with in the future.”

As for that transition, from inner city London to rural Swindon, what are the Webb’s expecting moving forward, future goals?

“Swindon really does fit perfectly for us,” Ryan explains.

“It’s pretty central for us to get to places and has better opportunities to be able to get out there as an artist, a guitarist, a bass player, and as a producer; to get fellow musicians to work with me and me them as I love being involved in anything to do with music. “ Next up for Ryan, whilst he integrates himself into the Wiltshire and surrounding areas’ music scene, is to release the lead track from his album, Insomnia, as a standalone single and music video.

Ryan will also be hiring out top quality gear (UK, US, German, Japanese made) - guitars, drum (entire kit), PA (currently for singer-songwriters) and will be offering himself up as a sound guy/session player moving forward.

For anybody wanting to know more, visit Ryan’s website ( - by Peter Mann