MUSICIAN Alice Offley has been presented with a top of the range stage piano.

The Swindon-born musician was spotted by Casio, the piano and keyboard giant, through Holmes Music, based in Faringdon Road.

Alan Holmes said: “We help out at various events, providing the backline gear for the stage, which includes a Casio Privia PX3 digital stage piano that Casio kindly sent me to use.

“I was asked to send any photos of artists playing the PX3 to Casio.’’ The firm was so impressed that the management chose Alice to be the face of Casio and presented her with a new stage piano for her performances.

Andy Carvill, the divisional manager at Casio and Paul Barnes, the sales executive, came to officially hand over the piano earlier this month and hear Alice play at The Vic, in Victoria Road, Old Town.

Paul said: “Casio are always looking to support new local talent around the UK.

“Alice’s piano playing style and vocals fit the bill perfectly and Casio are proud to be associated with her.’’ Alice started off in the band Shebeats and then The Mentalists, supporting such artists as Belle and Sebastian, Bob Kill Boy, Babyshambles and Mystery Jets.

The Mentalists were also the first girl band to perform at Wandsworth Prison.

Now Alice, who is a classically trained pianist and bass player, is going it alone.

The landlord of The Vic, David Young, said: “Over the last seven years I have seen a lot of great artists perform at The Vic but every now and then somebody truly gifted pops up, Alice is certainly one of those that shines.”

The singer held her debut EP launch at The Vic.

The EP, called Bruise Like A Peach, was recorded in Stuart Rowe’s garden studio with a helping hand from Andy Partridge, the lead singer, of former Swindon rock band XTC.

Alice said: “I really wanted to capture the character of the piano and live-sounding instruments. “I gig lots and I wanted that energy to be on my recordings.’’