Wake Up Now by Nick Mulvey

From start to finish it's the voice, all about the voice, that glorious rich, smooth sound that slips down like treacle all through Nick's new album.

Kicking off with an Americana feel in Unconditional, with its flowing beat and spectacular brass section, Wake Up Now is an album of real depth and power.

Transform Your Game is a travelling song, again featuring that driving brass backing and delicious rhythm guitar. This anti war song is probably my favourite on the album competing with In Your Hands for top spot or single choice in my eyes.

For something gentler more lyrical try Lullaby a rolling surf ballad with angel choir and singing strings or Imogen, a track about loss of a loved one, a home, or a country portrayed through voice and guitar with husky jazz drums.

Myela sums up the album theme, a voice for the refugees of the world facing the horrors of war or persecution in their own lands. This powerful and dark track has a sultry opening that builds into a full orchestral blast with a tribal beat that is a call to arms against oppression wherever we find it.

Remembering is all about sticking together, it is a group or community song with gritty vocals but sing-a-long chorus. We Are Never Alone has Paul Simon's Gracelands feel, while the tinkling cymbals and silvery guitar riffs of Infinite Trees leave us with a mystic feel and a tremulous but real hope for a silver lining. 8/10 - Flicky Harrison