IF David Bowie was the King of Odd Pop, then St Vincent is most definitely the Queen and if the spectacular achievement that is Masseduction is anything to go by then long may she reign.

Ten years ago she released her debut album Marry Me. These days we're greeted with sharp, snappy pop delights, but the trademark fuzzy guitar is still present and there are still few slow spells of malaise adding a poignancy to her offerings. Singles New York and Los Ageless are a great indicator of what's on offer but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

"How could anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind" is a prime example of how lyrics are where Annie Clark's strength truly lies. Her assessment of the digital age and consumerism gives the big picture, but the songs zoom in on specific situations and the human elements of existing in among these great influences.

St Vincent has made an album that is consistently great throughout and no song feels out of place. It's catchy, it's clever, it's honest, it's emotional, and you must buy it. You must. 9/10