The Anti Nowhere League The Victoria, Swindon

THE Anti Nowhere League - those punk rock stalwarts from the late 80s to the present day – showed off their sure-fire rock and punk credentials in magnificent fashion at Swindon’s Victoria in a set saturated with old and truly listenable material.

The band’s entertaining stamp simply never wanes. They have a simply breath-taking catalogue of songs that cover all aspects of life.

From the early jaunts such as I Hate People and Let’s Break The Law they changed their style with more musically-challenging songs like We Are The League and On The Waterfront and We Will Survive.

The band made a point of recognising the importance of using small venues as much as possible, and spoke of keeping music live and healthy.

The healthy line-up of the Anti Nowhere League is getting stronger and stronger if their current crop of newer material is anything to go by. They truly are a league of their own. – IAN MILLAR