This Is Pop Sky Arts Sky Arts’ documentary

This Is Pop on XTC was is a true account of the band’s underrated musical career, when all around bands with nowhere near as much talent were wallowing in untold riches.

These four men from Swindon explored the realms of musical textures, styles and lyrical wordsmithery, just getting better and better.

From the age of 16 to my now 50-something years, XTC grew and grew on me, as they did on many others, as portrayed in the documentary which featured celebrity fans worldwide.

It painstakingly pursued the adage that anything from Swindon can’t be any good. XTC have truly nailed that belief firmly in its place, making their mark in musical history. Swindon was portrayed in the documentary as a place of stories and landscapes like no other. Andy Partridge and his bandmates have made sure that these qualities are in abundance.

I have had many hours of delight with this truly magnificent British band. To all who have sailed on the ship XTC… thank you. – IAN MILLAR