I JUST want to begin by wishing a happy birthday to Karl Wallinger who turns 60… blimey, where does the time go?

Okay, not a name that everyone will have heard of but as part of the early line up of The Waterboys he was responsible for a whole clutch of albums which helped shape my formative musical tastes.

He later went on to form World Party and even found time to pen She’s The One, which gave Robbie Williams a No. 1 hit and I’m sure the royalty cheques for that come in handy. Anyway, to business…

False Gods return to The Victoria tonight with their mercurial blend of music which combines the sonic punch of The Manics with the more progressive meanderings of Muse. They are joined by the growling, bass groove driven alt-rock of Falls on Deaf Ears.

Up from their Cornish lair, arch-druids of psy-trance Zetan Spore return to town for more of their strange musical fusions. For those not in the know this hard dance duo mixes pulsing trance and clinical techno-beats with more organic tribal breaks and psychedelic sounds.

The overall effect is one of intensity and euphoria aided by the energy of the performers and enhanced by the hypnotic lighting they throw in. Now imagine it taking place in the compact and bijou setting of The Beehive! This is an experience that you are going to need to check out.

At The Groves Company Inn, Natt Davis will be taking on the role of human jukebox and playing iconic songs from across genres and ages.

Friday brings a few tough choices for those who favour the rootsy and more Americana flavours. Firstly At The Beehive, Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival (I see what you did there) will be playing tribute to a band seeped in the mythology of the deep south and pretty much the instigators of the term roots rock but with Sons of Liberty reliving the whole Southern Rock scene, from Blackfoot to The Georgia Satellites and everything in between, at the Groves Company Inn, its tough choice.

The Rolleston also has a tribute to The Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash not Will Smith, which just adds to your dilemma, though a sturdy pair of walking boots and an eye on the clock could see you catch something of each.

At Christ Church in Drove Road you will find The Black Feathers, the perfect setting and sonic environment for this acoustic duo’s soaring and mesmerising harmonies, and deft penmanship. I always consider them to be Blighty’s answer to The Civil Wars, only without the mountain of gloomy break up songs they seemed to revel in. Support comes from Rob Ritchings who delivers songs forged from personal narratives, memories and world views and which dance eloquently and elegantly over the most effective of tunes.

The Victoria opts for a tribute to The Prodigy’s strains of electro beat, rave and alternative dance courtesy of Jilted Generation and at The Queen’s Tap fans of Led Zeppelin will find Light Zeppelin rendering their extensive back catalogue along more acoustic lines.

Genuine West Country musical comedy legends can be found at The Victoria on Saturday as The Wurzels bring their unique brand of Scrumpy and Western to town, covering such topics as cider, farming, cider, cheese, cider, JR from Dallas and cider.

Boisterous street punk and Oi! Can be found at Level III as The Warriors bring their musical riot to town, a rough blend of working class punk, inner city anthems and sing-along gang choruses.

The Dirty Outlaws and their incendiary salvos of raw and raucous, fist in the air, boot in the face, terrace howls play the part of the perfect support band. Chants would be a fine thing!

At The Groves Company Inn, Steal This Band will be playing tribute to System of A Down’s technically complex blends of nu- and progressive-metal, a brave choice of band to cover indeed and at The Swiss Chalet, Big Brass Ska will be doing pretty much what it says on the tin.

Poplar Jake and The Electric Delta Review bring original blues to The Rolleston and Emergency Banter are all about high energy rock covers at The Queen’s Tap.

Two tours roll into town in the quieter part of next week.

On Monday The Scruff will be filling The Victoria with quintessentially English, quirky guitar pop aided and abetted by The Sulks and Kevin and the Vandals and on Wednesday Wallflower bring their wonderful mix of melodic indie and atmospheric electronica to Level III with Muskets along for the ride.