Freedom Child by The Script

Out on Columbia Records now.

THE Script’s first offering after their hiatus in Ireland has a different, lighter tone to it than the edgy rock of past albums.

Rain, the single from the album, shot in to the top 20 of the UK charts, its funky vibe heralding this seachange of style which is now evident throughout the CD.

A happy, feelgood vibe feel kicks off the album with No Man’s An Island, but staunch Script fans shouldn’t fear; those lush, Irish vocals from Danny O’Donoghue will still make you go weak at the knees.

Love is a recurring theme throughout the album with a glorious juxtaposition of Love Not Lovers telling the sorry tale of one night stands, next to Eden - an orchestral love song about loyalty. In Believe we have a tribal drum beat pounding out the powerful message of love and in Mad Love it is the breezy pop of electronica that stands centre stage.

This gritty band have not gone totally mushy. They still have a strong musical message, touching on the tumultuous Trump debacle in the Divided States of America. They also propound the maxim of ‘beauty from within’ in Makeup, a poignant tearjerker.

For those who yearn for the full rock sound, Arms Open fits the bill, with big guitar backing Danny’s flowing amber voice. Stadium rock also comes from Say We Rock The World, easily the hands in the air, sing-along festival number and the familiar chunky rock guitar appears again in Written In The Scars.

Each track stands as a single entity in style and substance, but also flows naturally into the album’s rhythm. The finale is the title track, Freedom Child, with the guys slamming home the ‘make love not war message’.- Flicky Harrison 8/10