SHAUN Buswell is known for giving himself a hard time. It’s his choice, don’t feel too sorry for him, he brings it upon himself.

Buswell, the band, could have remained a cool and easily managed little indie-pop outfit but that seemed too easy and for many years now the man behind it hasn’t been happy if he wasn’t bolting on scratch orchestras, often collected by randomly approaching strangers, not always in his native tongue to create unique, and often wing and a prayer gigs.

And it is this fragility, this, anything could happen approach that adds to the beauty and the impressiveness of the feat. You know the analogy of the graceful swan paddling like Billy-O himself under the water…bear that in mind when you watch the show.

Obviously it would be too boring for Mr B to play this latest album, seven years in the making, using a small band and some well concealed backing tracks and so this Saturday you can catch a full rendering of Stitched Shoes & An Irish Wristwatch totally live… that is, 20 musicians playing all 144 different musical parts that make up the album, in 45 minutes.

After all why just play a gig when you can create a one-off musical event?

Not only is he surrounding himself with some of his trusty musical sidekicks and well known faces, but support also comes from Charlie Bath who gives rootsy indie a beautifully atmospheric edge and Swedish conjurers of ethereal folk-pop Sun and The Rain Men. What ever happens at the gig it will be unique and unmissable. - Dave Franklin